About the 9th International Congress
of the F.M. Alexander Technique

Learning from each Other   Congress Ethos

The Congress will be held between the 7th and the 13th of August 2011 in Lugano, Switzerland.

We are delighted to invite you to the 9th International Congress
with the theme of

Learning from Each Other

The Congress will be focused on exchanging practical information between colleagues to better our professional skills, as well as bringing in experts who will illuminate and expand our understanding of the Alexander Technique in the larger world.

Lugano 2008 - Opening Ceremomy Crowd The 2008 Congress was a success with close to 600 attendees, providing once again the opportunity for a center in the world of Alexander Technique teachers to meet and share their skills with each other.

We are happy to be returning to Lugano, because of the generous hospitality of the Lugano Tourist Board who are enabling us to keep the costs of a large gathering within a reasonable price range with a very favorable Swiss tax advantage. We will be researching possibilities of low cost accommodations.

Lugano is wonderfully situated to begin a tour of the Swiss Italian hill towns of Ticino, as well as to continue into Italy with close access to the historic Italian cities of Milan, Verona, and Venice, among many others.  Lugano is ⇒easily reached through the intercontinental airports of Milan and Zurich, and many low cost European airlines fly into the area.

Please visit our Congress Programme section where you'll find detailed information
about the Congress week:

Congress Timetable
Special Presentations
Plenary Sessions
Science of Human Functioning — Special Lectures
Continuous Learning sessions

We look forward very much to seeing you in Lugano in August 2011.

Yours truly,

Congress Directors Irmel Weber
Jamie McDowell
Bob Britton

2011 Congress Directors

Congress Ethos

In the spirit of the International Alexander Congresses, we value the many approaches to the learning and teaching of Alexander’s work.

Registration for a Congress implies agreement to participate in this spirit of mutual respect, and agreement not to demean the person or work of other participants.

We ask all those enrolling for their participation in fostering a supportive atmosphere where diversity is encouraged and respectful dialogue enjoyed.