International Congresses of the F. M. Alexander Technique

Since 1986

Switzerland 2008

The International Congresses are a forum for workshops and presentations which bring teachers together to exchange work, knowledge, and experiences of the Technique. The focus may be practical or theoretical, and the purpose directed at improving our own use, developing the profession, developing teaching methods and enhancing our understanding of the Technique.

The Congresses are open to everyone interested in the Alexander Technique.

Each Congress is run by a group of Congress Directors. The work of the Congress Directors is supervised by the Board of International Alexander Technique Congress Directors.

At the 1st International Congress in New York in 1986. From left to right; front row: Marjory Barlow, Marjorie Barstow. Back row: Wilfred Barlow, Walter Carrington, Patrick Macdonald. (Photo by David Alexander).

The Board of International Alexander Technique Congress Directors

Board members are directors of previous Congresses of the Alexander Technique.

Present members are: Michael Frederick, Ora and Shmuel Nelken, Rivka Cohen, Doris Dietschy, Michael Fortwangler, Frank Ottiwell.

Previous members: David Garlick, Ora Nelken, Karoline Erdmann, Daniel Susstrunk.

Convenor: Michael Frederick
Special Consultant: Frank Ottiwell

Aims and functions of the Board

to ensure that the principles of the congress are upheld

to find and advise future congress directors on the proposal and timing of the next congress

to ensure the planning for a Congress is proceeding satisfactorily

to act as an program advisory group in regard to the programming arrangements of a congress

to act as a finance advisory group in regard to "seed" money (funds for the investment for the next congress) and budgeting

The Board meets face-to-face at the time of the Congress and communicates by telephone, e-mail, etc. at other times.

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