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Pictures show the Examination Schools where most workshops and presentations will take place.
A printed programme was sent out to all delegates on the 5th and 6th of July together with forms for selecting workshops, lectures, etc. For more details on how to fill in the forms please see selecting presentations - which also contains recent changes to the printed programme.

You can also view the 96-page programme in pdf (320k). This pdf excludes the cover. For a quick view of all presentations (excluding plenary meetings and evening events) please see Overview timetable.

For an online list of all presentations - number, presenter and title - see programme details.

For online descriptions (synopses) of each presentation please see synopses.

For online biographical details of each presenter please see biographies.


The Congress will start Monday 16th August with registration 2:00 - 5:30 pm. The Opening Ceremony will start at 7:30 pm. The Congress will finish at about 11 am Sunday 22 August.

Overview timetable of all presentations excluding plenary meetings and evening events.

Special Guest Lecturers

Jonathan Cole
Living without Proprioception; Means, Ends and Conscious Control of Movement

Paul Robertson:
The Pursuit Of Perfection - The Rewards Of Error

Bridget Belgrave:
Beyond Right And Wrong - An Introduction To Nonviolent Communication

Michael Hyland:
Contact - Beyond the psychophysical

Walter Carrington
Opening Keynote Address

Lucy Brown:
Brain Basics Of Touch And Direction

Michael Bloch:
F. M. Alexander: The Unwritten Life - On Michael Bloch's Biography

Workshops etc.:

Please see Programme Details.


1. An auction in the aid of the F. M. Alexander Trust.

2. There will be performances of Willow Song, from Shakespeare’s "Othello", each evening from 18th to 21st August and in the afternoon of 22nd August, at the Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon (a little outside Oxford). In the afternoon of Thursday 19th there will be a workshop concerning the performing of Willow Song, again at the Unicorn Theatre. Arranged by Paul Burge and others. Anyone wishing for more information about Willow Song, please telephone 0208 932 5577 or email

ARMOUR, Kathryn
TITLE: Songs by Novello and others
DURATION: 15 minutes
Songs by Novello and others.
TITLE: Samuel Barber, Piano Concerto Op 38
DURATION: 27 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Chopin, Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise in E flat, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Pasquinade
BEN-OR, Nelly (piano)
TITLE: Pieces by Chopin, Debussy and Ponce
DURATION: 75 minutes
CHANCE, Jeremy
TITLE: Platform Performances
DURATION: ca 5 minutes each
Five minute "filler" scenes between an AT teacher and his/her pupil, depicting various comical scenarios – both with and without language – that has as a primary aim to entertain and as a secondary aim to highlight the differences in teaching styles and the sheer variety of communication methods there are for this work.
TITLE: Moment
DURATION: 7 minutes
SYNOPSIS: This solo dance is inspired by the movement of American Sign Language in the form of three signed poems by Jimmy Cardosi. The piece has a meditative quality and explores a range of physical energies.
GOKCEN, Selma (cello) and FARKAS, Alex (piano)
TITLE: Schumann, Five Pieces in Folk Style, Op 102
DURATION: 13 minutes
Schumann’s genius is nowhere more in evidence than in the ‘character piece’ here inspired by the folk idiom. Whether in tender melodies or in fiery, impetuous musical outbursts, Schumann uses the tonal richness of the cello to express both sides of his poetic nature. This work is a relatively late opus in Schumann’s output and contains one of the most touching melodies he ever wrote for any instrument, the Langsam, a cradle song.
TITLE: Rose Petal Dance
DURATION: 3 mins
This piece is from a longer work entitled "The Many Faces of Love", dances to Brahms walzes by Isadora Duncan
KENT, Barbara
TITLE: 19th and 20th Century Songs
DURATION: 10 mins
TITLE: Gravity and Light
DURATION: ca 30 mins
SYNOPSIS: A one-act chamber opera based on the Alexander Technique. It tells the story of Emily, a young girl with a burning ambition to practise magic. She hears of a powerful magician named Frederick, who had the ability to transform people with the touch of his hands. He was a mysterious figure who had spent many years locked in a room gazing at his reflection in mirrors. Mirrors were all around, revealing secrets that he alone could understand. He helped the lame to walk and the stutterer to speak. He freed the sick from their prison of pain, and helped the breathless to breathe. He enlivened the minds of the dull and caused the philosopher to think yet more deeply. He was a strange and powerful man, now partly wrapped in the mystery of the past, his innermost secrets known only to a few. Emily wondered if she could perform his most powerful spell transforming gravity into light.
TITLE: Three Songs on Poems by Edith Sitwell by Sir William Walton
DURATION: 8.5 minutes
1. Daphne
2. Through Gilded Trellises
3. Old Sir Faulk
TITLE: A Cycle of Songs on London Themes
DURATION: 16 minutes
Song for the Lord Mayor's Table for soprano and piano (William Walton)
The Lord Mayor's Table (Thomas Jordan-written for the Lord Mayor of 1674)
Glide Gently (Wordsworth)
Wapping Old Stairs (Anon.-1790)
Holy Thursday (William Blake-1789)
A Contrast(Charles Morris-1798)
Rhyme (Anon.-18th century).
SCHMIDT, Konstantin
TITLE: "I'm a Gnu"
DURATION: 40 minutes
SYNOPSIS: Is it possible to free one's neck while laughing? Try it out with Konstantin Schmidt singing Flanders & Swann, Tom Lehrer, Georg Kreisler and his own compositions at the piano. Find out what an angry Gnu tells you at night, discover the perpetual calendar of British weather, enjoy lovely spring time while poisoning some pigeons in the park, and hear what a young AT teacher tells you when he gets his certificate. After many years of experience in singing German cabaret songs Konstantin now takes this great opportunity to sing to you from the marvellous repertoire of songs that English-speaking artists have written.
TITLE: Twentieth Century Songs
SYNOPSIS: I sing Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington etc. songs.
TITLE: Clancy of the Overflow/The Amateur Rider
SYNOPSIS: "The Amateur Rider" was one of FM's standard party pieces, according to Walter Carrington. "Clancy of the Overflow" is a lovely colourful piece of Australiana, and I have another one or two in my repertoire as required, including the Geebung Polo Club which I performed at the STAT conference in Edinburgh.

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