Application form to contribute to an evening performance.

If more than one person is involved in the performance, please give details on a separate sheet. The name given below should be the principal performer who will be the contact person.



I/we would like to perform at the Congress.

Title or name of piece to be performed
Further details if necessary: (This should be max. 100 words long and may be used in the detailed Congress Programme.)

Duration in minutes:

Do you need equipment which are unable to bring yourself? Yes _ No _
If yes, please specify (e.g. microphone).

Do you need power points for equipment you are bringing yourself? Yes _ No _

Do you object to your performance being recorded? (As in Freiburg video and/or audio recording will be done independently of the Congress. There is no payment for this.) Yes _ No _

Please provide a brief biography of no more than 150 words (if more than one person is giving the performance, please continue on a separate sheet):

Submitting this application does not constitute an acceptance on our part to include you. Our concern is to provide participants with a wide variety of choice, representing all traditions and nationalities, and provide high quality presentations.

There is no fee for these performances.

Last date for first round submissions: 10th April 2003. Last date for second round submissions: 10th April 2004.

Your submission will be acknowledged. Please send to: Peter Ribeaux, 46 Stevenage Road, London SW6 6HA.

If you have any queries please contact Peter: +44 (0)20 7731 6348, e-mail:

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