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2004 Congress Book Stall
Terms and conditions for suppliers

Many teachers publish their own material and this information is for those who wish to sell through the Congress Book stall. It is primarily for people who have about five or less items they wish to sell.
The advantages of having your material with the Congress Book stall is that you do not have to spend time running your own stall, and that the Congress Book stall can take credit card payments (the preferred payment method of many customers).

How it works
The Congress Book stall will operate a sale-or-return policy. At the first day of the Congress you bring your material to the Congress Book stall which will give you a receipt for the items. On the last day, Saturday, you will collect from the Congress Book stall items which have not been sold and receive a cheque for items which have been sold. You will receive the retail price less 20%.
The Congress Book stall will take 20% of the retail price to pay for the expense of staffing the stall, administration, etc. (Note that this is much less than the standard 35%-40% taken by bookshops). It may be possible to pay overseas suppliers in cash provided it is a small amount (less than £200). All UK suppliers will be paid by cheque.

Stocking policy
The Congress Book stall will accept everything on the Technique; other items at the discretion of the manager.

What to do next
If you wish to sell items through the Congress Book stall please send us a list of the items and indicate the retail price for each item (videos, please see below). Please indicate how many you wish to bring. If we believe you are bringing more than we can be expected to sell, we will let you know.

If selling videos please specify whether the video format is PAL, SECAM or NTSC. If selling videos you need to specify the video format on the videos, e.g. with a sticker.

Return policy
It is a condition of being a supplier to the Congress Book stall that any customer is given 28 days right of return (in accordance with UK trading laws). In addition any customer who has bought faulty goods must be supplied with a replacement immediately or, if not available, a refund by the supplier, at the supplier’s expense. The supplier has the right to have the faulty item returned before supplying a replacement.

Any questions?
Please call Jean on (020) 8856 0804 or e-mail at

Application form to run a workshop, a discussion group or give a lecture.

Workshop pdf file - to print out and fill in by hand (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Workshop text - to fill in by wordprocessor

Application form to give a performance.

Performance pdf file - to print out and fill in by hand (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Performance text - to fill in by wordprocessor

Application form to have a stall or a poster session.

Stall pdf file - to print out and fill in by hand (requires Adobe Acrobat)

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