Application form to run a workshop, a discussion group or give a lecture

If more than one person is involved in the presentation, please give details on a separate sheet. The name given below should be a presenter who will be the contact person.


I/we would like to run workshop ___ a discussion group ___ give a lecture ___

Title: (ideally the title should mention the subject)

Synopsis: (explaining what the workshop/discussion/lecture is about and, if applicable, how it is to be conducted, e. g. the amount and type of practical work. This synopsis should be max. 200 words long and will be used in the detailed Congress Programme.)

Duration: 50 minutes (lecture only) ___ 70 minutes ___ 90 minutes ___

How many times are you prepared to give your workshop/discussion/lecture? (The maximum number we might ask you to give a workshop/discussion group/lecture would be four times).

Do you want to limit the number of participants? Yes _ No _

If Yes, please specify max. no. of participants:

(At this stage do not worry about room size. We have rooms in all sizes available.)
If accepted how would you like to the chairs to be arranged: in rows (lecture-style), against the walls (allowing a central workspace), other (please specify):

Do you need equipment which are unable to bring yourself? Yes _ No _

If yes, please specify (e.g. overhead projector, microphone. There will be chairs, but if you need a teaching table please specify).

Do you have any special room requirements (e.g. very quiet, no windows, min. room size)? Yes ___ No

If yes, please specify.

Do you need power points for equipment you are bringing yourself? Yes No

Do you object to your workshop/lecture being recorded? (As in Freiburg video and/or audio recording will be done independently. There is no payment for this.) Yes _ No _

Are you able and willing to submit a written account by the end of August 2004 for inclusion in the published Congress Papers? (Either a report, a transcript or, in the case of a lecture, the whole lecture). Yes _ No _

Please provide a brief biography of no more than 150 words (if more than one person is giving the presentation, please continue on a separate sheet):

Submitting this application does not constitute an acceptance on our part to include you. Our concern is to provide participants with a wide variety of choice, representing all traditions and nationalities, and provide high quality presentations.

We hope to pay a fixed fee (about £50) per presentation given. This depends on the financial success of the Congress, and therefore we cannot promise anything at this stage. You are responsible for enrolling as a participant in the Congress.

Last date for first round submissions: 10th April 2003. Last date for second round submissions: 10th April 2004.

Your submission will be acknowledged. Please send to: Peter Ribeaux, 46 Stevenage Road, London SW6 6HA.

If you have any queries please contact Peter: +44 (0)20 7731 6348, e-mail:

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