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Find material from classes, lectures that presenters have agreed to be available for Congress participants — free for you to download.

When using the files please respect authorship and do not re-use any of it unauthorized.

Plenary Sessions

Jack SternJack Stern

The Alexander-Technique: Its Role in the Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Entire Presentation (Powerpoint PPTX 66.3 MB)
Excerpt: Red Flags / Yellow Flags (Powerpoint PPTX 236 KB)

Max VelmansMax Velmans

How to understand mind/body causal interactions

Presentation Slides (Powerpoint PPT 417 KB)

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Sciene of Human Functioning

Amy LikarAmy Likar

Body Mapping and the Alexander Technique

Entire Presentation (Powerpoint PPTX 10.52 MB)

Gitte FjordboGitte D. Fjordbo

When conscious control is NOT an option.. & the "right thing" does NOT do itself.

Entire Lecture Text (PDF 158 KB)

Rachel ZahnRachel Zahn

The Embodied Mind

Presentation Slides (PDF 2.37 MB)

Michael GleesonMichael Gleeson

Postural Orientation

Presentation Notes (PDF 4.86 MB)
References (PDF 52 KB)

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Richard BrennanRichard Brennan

Move through life with greater ease
— How to give an introductory talk in the 21st century

Presentation (Powerpoint PPT 3.89 MB)

Amy LikarAmy Likar

The Arm Structure

Entire Presentation (Powerpoint PPT 9.44 MB)

Vivien MackieJamie McDowellVivien Mackie/J#amie McDowell — Lugano Alexander Choir

Vou can download some of the sheet music here, and also listen to sound files of each song and the separate parts.

Don't Stop Me Now (Mercury/May, i.e. Queen)
⇒Sheet Music (7.01MB)
Sound Files:
⇒All Parts // ⇒Soprano // ⇒Alto // ⇒Tenor // ⇒Bass

Skylark (Carmichael)
⇒Sheet Music (PDF 366KB)
Sound Files:
⇒All Parts // ⇒Soprano // ⇒Alto // ⇒Tenor and Bass

As Long as I Live
⇒Sheet music (PDF 802KB)
Sound files (MP3):
All Parts // ⇒Soprano // ⇒Alto // ⇒Tenor // ⇒Bass

Getting to be a Habit with Me
⇒Sheet music (PDF 150KB)
Sound files: not available yet.

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